Kitchen design

Design in the kitchen. “Creativity is easy, the difficult thing is to have the idea.” – Ferran Adria

Indeed, the difficult thing is to have an idea … but how to make it flow freely?

When decorating a kitchen, we must not only limit ourselves to mere aesthetics, but play

with the characteristics of its environment. We have to be clear about fundamental aspects that are going to be a priority in decision-making, such as the size of the decision or the limitation of possibilities.

However, the decoration of the kitchen must be sustained on the principle of functionality. If the stoves, taps, ovens and microwaves in a kitchen have a correct placement, every corner is usable.

An American kitchen is a harmonious example.

It tends to take advantage of every available m2, whatever its dimensions, ideal for those looking for a practical and functional kitchen. The influence exerted by color, furniture style or materials defines a kitchen with personality.

A modern style can fit perfectly with any type of layout. Pure lines and smooth fronts with vivid colors. The contrast of textures (porcelain with wood, mosaic tiles with dark matte sinks) is a current trend that gives an extra touch of identity to our decoration.

Large kitchens lend themselves to having an element that expands our possibilities: an island. Practical, comfortable, and suitable for our needs, be they decorative or culinary.

Did we opt for the elegance of a black and white kitchen divided into modules separated by

an island ?, Or because of the minimalist simplicity that surrounds our kitchen with light?

Whatever your choice, remember: The kitchen is a creative space. The decoration of your kitchen will awaken your creativity. Never think small.