Costa del Sol investments & pandemic: What’s new?

When talking about investments on the Costa del Sol, the first thing that comes to mind is quality of life, Mediterranean climate, beaches and tourism.

And, without a doubt, these are some of the main reasons that make more and more investors, both foreign and domestic, decide to plant their seed on our fertile coastline.

Despite the dire economic forecasts that the media inflict on us daily due to the pandemic, we must remain positive and, above all, well aware of the great potential of all coastal municipalities.

It is more than proven – and we can reaffirm it from first-person experience – that the revaluation of investments on the Costa del Sol is practically guaranteed thanks to vacation rentals and the balance of market prices.

However, we are well aware of the fact that the declaration of the state of alarm on March 15 has not helped real estate investment at all …

So you may be wondering: And where is the positive in all this? Why invest in these uncertain times?

The answer is very simple: in moments of crisis, the best opportunities appear! Or in the words of Albert Einstein: “The crisis is the best blessing that can happen to people and countries, because the crisis brings progress.”

If we look at data from the largest appraiser in Spain, Tinsa, both the price of second-hand housing and new construction fell 0.9% in July compared to the previous month, thus accumulating a fall of 1 9% since the declaration of the state of alarm and is at the same level as a year ago.

That opens the game to finding real estate investment opportunities on the Costa del Sol, which continues to be one of the best areas in Europe to invest in brick … Do you remember the quality of life, the beaches and the unique Mediterranean climate? Yes, for all these reasons, which make this corner of European paradise unique.

However, from the transparency that characterizes us, we recommend that, if you want to make a real estate investment on the Costa del Sol, study the area well and do not rush. Seek the appropriate advice to be able to assess the services, infrastructures and recreational spaces of the area where you want to invest. We will be happy to assist you and facilitate that path that one day we traveled ourselves.

There are several ways to make an investment profitable and the most popular and safest is undoubtedly to rent the acquired property. More and more owners are opting for vacation rentals due to its high profitability, speed and ease with which homes are rented due to the demand that exists in the market. Pandemic or not, who doesn’t need a vacation?

Without a doubt, it is a good time to analyze the best offers and find the best area to invest on the Costa del Sol.


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